Understanding T-Shirt Sizing: The Most Popular Sizes & Tips for Ordering the Right Size

What are some common t-shirt sizes?
When it comes to ordering t-shirts, understanding the most popular sizes is key. You can tell that the majority of the sizes are medium and large. Because shirt sizing can vary by brand, we do recommend the following breakdown when placing an order: Small 10%, Medium 25%, Large 30%, XL 25% and 2XL 10%. In our experience, most shirt recipients will wear Medium, Large or Extra Large sizes but it’s wise to include other sizes too. Pro tip: It’s best practice to have a few extra shirts in each size on hand as these tend to sell out quickly!

The length of ASOS T-shirt & polo shirts will also depend on your height and body shape so make sure you check their size guide before ordering. The results given below are based on what’s commonly sold in U.S.: XXS 0.09%; XS 2.14%; SM 19.56%; MD 28.36%; LG 27.16%; XL 16

What are the available sizes for t-shirts?

What are the common dimensions for t-shirt designs?

If you are looking for more videos on YouTube related to these sizes, there are many tutorials available that explain how to make masks of different sizes.

What is the typical proportion of t-shirt sizes?

Many decorators use a 1-2-2-1 ratio (S:M:L:XL) as a guideline when starting from scratch, which is great for appealing to the general public.

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