Privacy Policy

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform you about the types of personal information DMT Entertainment (as follows, “DMT”, “we” or “us”) collects, uses and discloses.

It explains how we use and disclose that information, the choices you have regarding such use
and disclosure and how you may correct that information.
We are proud to demonstrate our commitment to your privacy by complying with the laws and
regulations under applicable privacy laws in Canada, including the Personal Information
Protection and Electronic Documents Act.
We will treat personal information in a manner consistent with our Privacy Policy, unless we
have your consent to treat it differently.
This Privacy Policy applies to any personal information we collect or receive about you, from
any source, including through our website and other online platforms (the “Sites”). We
encourage you to read this Privacy Policy before providing us with any personal information and
before using the Sites. By providing us with any personal information or using any of the Sites,
you are signifying that you agree with all of the terms of this Privacy Policy, so please do not do
so if you disagree with any part of this Privacy Policy.

  1. Collection of Personal Information
    a. To which companies does this Privacy Statement apply?
    This Privacy Policy applies to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information
    by DMT.
    b. What is personal information?
    Personal information is information that identifies you or could be combined by us or our
    service providers and affiliates with other information to identify you. This information
    includes your personal e-mail address, your home address, your home telephone number,
    your personal cellphone number, your image, and may include your age, your income and
    other similar information when associated with you. Personal information may also be
    information containing details as to whether you have opened our promotional e-mails or
    how you have used our website, if we can associate that personal information with you. If
    you are a business customer or prospective business customer, personal information does
    not include your title, business address, and business telephone number when we use
    that information to contact you in your business capacity.
    We may also collect your demographic data, such as your gender and postal code, and
    information found on a retail receipt such as your basket size/total purchase amount and
    products purchased, when you provide this information to us. Demographic data may be
    used to tailor your experience on the Sites and the communications you receive from us,
    to determine aggregate consumer preferences and purchasing patterns, and promotion
    evaluation, development and implementation. On occasion, aggregate information that
    does not identify any particular user may be compiled and shared with our affiliates and
    other third parties as described in Section 3 below.
    c. How do we collect your personal information?
    We will always collect your personal information by fair and lawful means. We collect
    personal information from you when you create an account, make a purchase, enter a
    contest or promotion, communicate with us using our web forms to make a request or ask
    a question, submit a product review, take a survey or otherwise submit personal
    information to us with your communication. For example, we will request credit card and
    other identifying information to process a credit card transaction when you purchase a
    product through our website. We will also ask you for contact information in order to ship
    your product to you or the recipient that you designate.
    We may also receive personal information about you from other sources, including our
    affiliates with which you have purchased goods and services, companies that help us to
    update our records, and information from you through third party service providers. For
    example, we will receive information from credit card processors regarding whether the
    credit card details you gave us have been accepted or declined. We will receive
    information from shipping companies regarding whether the product we shipped was
    delivered or was undeliverable. We may also acquire information about you from other
    promotional or marketing companies with whom you shared your information and whom
    you have allowed to provide information to us.
    Regarding Children and Minors.
    Our website and the products and services offered on our website are not directed to
    children under the age of 13 years. We will not knowingly collect personal information
    about a child under the age of 13.
    We do not allow minors (persons who are under the age of majority in their place of
    residence) to create accounts, make purchases or enter contests or promotions.
    d. How do we use technology to collect information through the Sites?
    We collect anonymous information about any user of the Sites. This anonymous
    information may include a user’s browser type, type of computer operating system,
    browsing activity, website activity, what user is clicking on and the domain name of the
    website from which the user linked to the Sites. This information is collected for DMT’s internal use, such as to enhance website security, to detect broad demographic
    trends, to assist DMT in providing content tailored to a user’s interests and to
    otherwise enhance the user experience on the Sites.
  2. Use of Personal Information
    a. How do we use your personal information?
    We may use your personal information for the following:
    (i) To provide products and services and to manage our business operations. Some
    examples include:
    • to register your account;
    • to authenticate you when you log into your account;
    • to fulfill your requests for products and services;
    • to communicate with you about your requests;
    • to respond to your inquiries;
    • to administer contests and promotions that you participate in;
    • to recommend or to offer you other products and services based on your
    inferred interests;
    • to send you information and communications;
    • to post your product reviews;
    • to respond to product inquiries and other requests;
    • to process transactions;
    • to optimize your experience on our Sites;
    • to send you conducting contests and promotions (including sending prizes
    to winners directly or through third parties acting on our behalf);
    • to communicate with you regarding customer service issues and any
    product recalls or warranty service;
    • for internal purposes such as analyzing and managing our business and
    improving our products, services, and promotion efforts; and
    • to protect the security or integrity of our websites and our business and
    prevent loss and fraud.
    (ii) For marketing and promotional purposes, including with our promotional partners;
    (iii) To combine all the information we collect other than information relating to your
    browsing history in order to understand your interests better and to analyze customer
    We may also use, or disclose your personal information, if we have reason to believe
    that using or disclosing such information is necessary to protect our rights, safety or
    property, including by detecting and preventing fraud. We may also use your personal
    information as otherwise permitted by law.
    We may share your information with our affiliates who may be outside of Canada and may
    be subject to laws that are different from those in Canada. These affiliates may combine
    the information we provide with other information that they have collected from you.
    We may also use third parties to assist us in our operations, including our direct advertising
    and marketing services. We may also share your information with these third parties in
    order to provide services to you such as shipping.
    We retain your information for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which we
    collected the information or as required by law.
    Cookies or similar technology.
    We may use a “cookie” or similar technology to assist us to customize the Sites. A
    “cookie” is a data file that a website sends to a user’s computer while that user is viewing
    the site. These data files include information that allows a website to remember
    information that will make that user’s use of the website more efficient and helpful to him
    or her. Cookies do not damage computer systems or files, and only the website that
    transferred a particular cookie to you can read, modify or delete such cookie.
    We may use Google AdSense, Google Ads and other third-party advertising companies
    to serve advertising when you visit the Site. We may use web analytics tools, such as
    Google Analytics, to analyze your use of the Services and of the Site. These third-party
    advertising companies may use information about your use of the Services in order to
    provide advertisements for goods and services that are targeted to you.
    In some case it is possible to opt-out from personally targeted advertising:
    • With Google you can set preferences for how Google advertises to you using the
    Google Ad Preferences page at:
    • Another example is the DoubleClick opt-out page at:
    • Set advertising preferences for MS Bing:
    • A further example is the Network Advertising Initiative Opt-Out page at:
    What if I don’t want cookies? If you don’t want to use cookies with our Sites, there are
    simple procedures in most browsers that allow you to delete existing cookies, to
    automatically decline cookies or to be given the choice of declining or accepting the
    transfer of particular cookies to your computer. Please refer to your browser instructions
    or help screen to learn more about these functions. You should note that declining
    cookies may significantly impair your use of our Sites.
    b. When and how do we obtain your consent?
    We obtain your consent (express or implied) prior to collecting, using, disclosing your
    personal information for any purpose.
    In limited circumstances, we may rely on a third party to obtain your consent to the
    sharing of your personal information with us.
    c. Where do we store your personal information?
    We store your personal information in our offices in Canada, as well as our data centers
    in Canada and the United States. While your personal information is in the U.S., it is
    subject to U.S. laws, and may be subject to disclosure to the governments, courts or law
    enforcement or regulatory agencies in the U.S., pursuant to applicable laws.
    Our service providers may, from time to time, also hold your personal information in
    connection with purposes for which you provided your consent. We may keep a record
    of your personal information, correspondence or comments in a file specific to you.
    d. How long will we use, disclose or retain your personal information?
    We will use, disclose or retain your personal information for as long as necessary to fulfill
    the purposes for which it was collected and as permitted or required by law.
    What about User Generated Content?
    From time to time, we may receive content from consumers as part of contests,
    promotions and other functions of our Sites (“User Generated Content” or “UGC”). Any
    UGC you submit may be publicly displayed, including on our Sites, and is subject to any
    terms and conditions communicated to you as part of the submission process. Please
    remember that any information you disclose in connection with a UGC submission may
    become public information and you should exercise caution when deciding to disclose
    your personal, financial or other information in a submission. DMT cannot prevent
    such information from being used in a manner that may violate this Privacy Policy, the
    law or your personal privacy and safety and DMT is not responsible for the results
    of such postings.
    e. DMT Communications
    Through our Sites and various offline means, you may sign up or opt-in to receive
    communications from DMT. Each communication sent to you by DMT contains
    an “unsubscribe” link or other unsubscribe mechanism, allowing you to opt-out at any
    time. If you opt-in to receive communications from multiple brands within the DMT
    family of companies, and subsequently wish to opt-out, you may need to opt-out
    individually from each of the brands you elected to receive communications from. See
    Section 4 below for further information on modifying the personal information we have
    for you, including communication preferences.
  3. Disclosure of Personal Information
    Generally, we do not disclose your personal information, except as set forth in this
    Privacy Policy, and where we do, we will identify to whom and for what purposes the
    disclosure will be made, and will obtain your consent to such disclosure. In any case, we
    only disclose your personal information as permitted or required by law.
    Service Providers and Personal Information. Aside from disclosures, we may use
    service providers (including our affiliates) to help us operate our business and our Sites
    and to administer activities on our behalf, such as sending emails, fulfilling orders and
    conducting contests and promotions. We may share your information with these third
    parties for those limited purposes. For instance, if you participate in a contest, game or
    loyalty program resulting in a prize or award, we may share personal information about
    you with our contest and merchandise fulfillment and management agencies to conduct
    contests and promotional activities on our behalf. Each of our service providers is
    required by contract or other binding means to comply with our privacy standards to
    protect the privacy of your personal information, and to only handle your personal
    information for DMT’s purposes (and not for its own purposes).
    Law Enforcement Requests. We will disclose personal information without your
    knowledge or consent if we receive an order, subpoena, warrant or other legal
    requirement issued by a court, tribunal, regulator or other person with jurisdiction to
    compel disclosure of your personal information. If we receive a request from a police
    officer or other law enforcement agency for access to your personal information in the
    course of an actual or potential investigation, our policy is to require the police officer or
    law enforcement agency to obtain an order, subpoena or warrant, unless the information
    is urgently required to prevent serious bodily injury or serious damage to personal
    property. If we receive a written request from a police officer or other law enforcement
    agency with authority to request access to your personal information in the course of an
    actual or potential investigation into a breach of a law, our policy is to provide the
    requested information.
  4. Openness, Access and Security
    a. How can you review your personal information that we have collected, used or
    DMT has a variety of convenient methods available that allow you to review,
    correct, update or otherwise modify information previously collected from you, including
    communication preferences. You may contact us in the following ways to make changes:
    • email us at
    We will make available to you any specific personal information of yours that we have
    collected, used or disclosed, upon your request, to the extent permitted by law.
    b. How do you know that the personal information we have for you is accurate?
    We will endeavor to keep our personal information holdings complete, up-to-date,
    and accurate. While we do our best to ensure our information is accurate, we
    rely on individuals to inform us of any relevant changes in their personal
    Should you discover, upon review of your personal information, that amendments
    are required, please advise us. If the requested change is accepted, the personal
    information will be modified in accordance with your request as soon as possible
    and you will receive a copy of the amended portion of the record. When a
    correction or amendment has been made to a personal record, we will, where
    appropriate, send a copy of the correction to any persons or organizations that
    have access to the information in question. If the requested change is not
    accepted, you will be notified in writing that the change will not be made. You will
    be given an opportunity to submit a statement concerning the dispute which will
    be maintained along with the disputed information for as long as we retain that
    information. Where appropriate, third parties who have received the disputed
    information will also receive a copy of the statement of dispute.
    c. What safeguards have we implemented to protect your personal information?
    We have implemented physical, organizational, contractual and technological
    security measures to protect your personal information from loss or theft,
    unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification. The only
    personnel who are granted access to your personal information are those with a
    business “need-to-know” or whose duties reasonably require access to such
    We take physical precautions to ensure that the computer servers on which your
    personal information is stored and archived are secure and that access to such
    servers is protected. We educate our employees with respect to their obligations
    to protect your personal information and we require our affiliates and any thirdparty service providers to take comparable steps to ensure the protection of any
    of your personal information that is shared with them.
    Although we take precautions against possible breaches of our security systems,
    no company can fully eliminate the risks of unauthorized access to your personal
    information and no website is completely secure. We cannot guarantee that
    unauthorized access, hacking, data loss or breaches of our security systems will
    never occur. Accordingly, you should not transmit personal information to us using
    our website if you consider that information to be sensitive.
    d. What type of security do we provide on our Sites?
    The security of all personal information collected through our Sites is of utmost
    importance to us. We have taken reasonable technical, contractual,
    administrative and physical security steps to protect the personal information
    collected from you through the Sites, consistent with standard industry practice
    and the sensitivity of the personal information collected. These security
    measures are periodically reviewed. However, there are some things that users
    of our Sites can do to help protect the security of their personal information as
    well. For instance, no user should ever give out their user name and password.
    Also, every user should sign out of their Internet account and close their browser
    window each time they finish using the Internet so that other people using the
    same computer will not have access to their information.
    e. Links to Other Sites
    Our Sites may contain links to other websites that are not operated by DMT.
    We do not have any control over those third-party websites and we do not
    provide any guarantee that the privacy practices of the hosts of those websites
    as a convenience and the inclusion of a link on any of our Sites does not imply
    endorsement of the linked to website by DMT. If you provide any personal
    information through any such third party websites, your transaction will occur on
    such third party website (and not on our Sites) and the personal information you
    provide will be collected by and controlled by the privacy policy of that third party.
    Your use of such third-party websites is at your own risk and will be governed by
    the privacy policies of those websites and not by this Privacy Notice. DMT
    recommends that you review the privacy policies of third party websites arrived at
    from links on our Sites before using those websites.
    f. Whom do I contact with questions or concerns about this Privacy Statement
    If you need further assistance, please contact our Customer Service team via email at
  5. Privacy Statement Updates
    DMT reserves the right to make changes in this Privacy Policy. Such
    changes will take effect immediately upon posting. For your convenience, the last
    revised date of the current Privacy Policy will be posted at the top of this page.
    By continuing to interact with us following such changes, including by using our
    Sites, you will be deemed to have agreed to such changes. If you do not agree
    with the terms of this Privacy Policy, please do not continue using our Sites.