25 Hilarious T-Shirt Slogans to Put a Smile on Everyone’s Face!

It’s no secret that funny t-shirts with catchy slogans have been popular for decades. Whether it’s a classic like “I’m with stupid,” or something more modern like “Got me a snag? No, it’s just another bag!” the possibilities are endless when it comes to finding the perfect funny t-shirt slogan.

Funny t-shirt slogans can be anything from punny jokes to pop culture references, and they make great conversation starters. Not only do they show off your sense of humor but also give you an easy way to express yourself without saying a word. Here are some of our favorite funny t-shirt slogans:

“Give peace a chance” – John Lennon
“Country roads take me home” – John Denver
“Smells like teen spirit” – Nirvana
“Welcome to the jungle!” – Guns N’ Roses

“Stop this from becoming the new global flag; Say no to the bag.” – Unknown

“Who ordered plastic soup?” – Unknown

“Make haste and save waste.” – Unknown

“Save A Cow, Eat A Vegan.”– Unknown

These hilarious phrases will surely get people talking and put smiles on their faces wherever you go. So why not add some fun into your wardrobe by getting one (or more!) of these awesome tees today?

What are some clever sayings to put on a t-shirt?

I’m Not Arguing, I’m Just Explaining Why I’m Right.

What sayings can I put on a shirt?

1. “Be kind.” — Anonymous
2. “Keep your chin up.” — Anonymous
3. “Never ever give up.” — Anonymous
4. “The best is yet to come.” —Anonymous
5. “Spread kindness like wildflowers.”—Anonymous
6. “Aspire to inspire before we expire.”—Anonymous
7 . “You’ll move mountains.”—Anonymous
8 . “The grass is greener where you water it.”—Anonymous

What are some popular sayings or phrases used on high school t-shirts?

Share these awesome school spirit slogans with your friends: “There’s no traffic extra mile”, “One team, one dream”, “Fortune favors the bold”, “I hate the ducks!”, “It’s a hill, get over it”, “Just keep serving”, “I draw pictures all day”,”Coding is my spirit”,”Hustle hit, never quit!”,”Go big or go home!”,”Never underestimate an eagle!”, “We soar to victory!”, and lastly, “Be proud of where you came from”.

What is your approach to creating a shirt slogan?

The ultimate goal of an unforgettable slogan is to convey a truth about the customer’s experience with your product or service, such as the satisfaction they receive from using it. To make a t-shirt slogan more memorable, one can employ wordplay techniques like rhyming, alliteration, and puns.

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